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Meditation Webinar - Free

March 6, 2018 to March 31, 2018
Available March 2018
Achieve Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance
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Training & Professional Development
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In an effort to provide additional options to in-person training, Achieve Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance has developed condensed forms of video training that can be viewed for free on your computer or handheld devise at your leisure.

Every month Achieve Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance posts a new webinar on a different topic. This month’s topic is Mediation. Some groups have adopted this FREE webinar post as a regular part of their monthly training. After watching the webinar, they gather to debrief. This creates an opportunity to discuss questions and apply the learning to their specific clients and challenges. It’s a great and efficient way to learn!

If the monthly FREE topic is not for you, you can access all of Achieve's webinars through a cost effective monthly subscription to their Member Plan (starting at $9.95). You can access over 45 on demand webinars whenever and however often you want. New content is added throughout the year. 

Achieve has also created a series of free one minute insight videos on a variety of topics. These can also be used during meetings, or in your presentations.

Don’t hesitate to let Achieve know if you have any questions about this method of training. 

Eric Stutzman
Managing Director,
ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance
Phone: 877-270-9776

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