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Current Business Plan

LGANT's current business plan can be found here: 2013-2017 LGANT Business Plan

Current Strategic Plan 


LGANT is recognized for its excellence in providing support and professional development for Community Officers in the Northwest Territories.


The mission of the Association is to strive for and promote excellence and professionalism in the field of local government administration in the Northwest Territories through education and career development programs and to create awareness of the Community Officer’s role in the community. 

Core Values

In pursuing its vision and mission, LGANT is guided by four core values:

Sustainability: We value the importance of having a sustainable organization to serve the needs of a diverse membership.

Service to members: We value service to all members that is respectful, responsive, knowledgeable and accountable.

Leadership: We value ethical behaviour and foster excellence, cooperation and partnership as well as promote the professional role of the Local Government Administrator.

Adaptability: We value adaptability to help us achieve the best results for our members.

Strategic Priorities for the Next 5 Years  


Success Descriptors:

  • The LGANT Board of Directors is active and dynamic.
  • The LGANT Board of Directors models excellence in board governance.
  • “Governance” education exists within all local governments, including new council orientation.
  • LGANT is part of the team that creates awareness of the roles and responsibilities of community government council and administration.

Sustainable Operations

Success Descriptors:

  • LGANT has adequate, reliable and ongoing core funding.
  • Membership expectations are matched by resources.
  • All 33 NWT community governments are LGANT members.
  • LGANT is recognized as a key organization in the field of Local Government Administration in the NWT. 
  • LGANT will use best practices in technology to serve its membership.
  • LGANT members will contribute to the organization’s activities and participate in networking and professional exchanges.


Success Descriptors:

  • LGANT offers a range of services to members, supporting them in meeting new challenges.
  • LGANT has partnerships with other professional organizations.
  • LGANT members who are affiliated with other professional organizations promote the mission of LGANT in order to foster understanding and build partnerships.
  • LGANT has a broader membership that includes local government professionals other than the Senior Officers.
  • LGANT seeks opportunities to assist its members with their recruitment and retention challenges.

Career Development and Education

Success Descriptors:

  • LGANT offers relevant, professional and quality sessions at its Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting.
  • LGANT seeks other opportunities for professional development.
  • LGANT promotes the use of web tools in the delivery of professional development and training.
  • LGANT offers conflict resolution training for staff and elected officials.
  • LGANT conducts learning and training needs assessments for its membership.
  • LGANT collaborates with the GNWT, MACA in planning and delivering productive and timely training programs to meet the needs of its members.
  • LGANT is involved with the School of Community Government to develop and update course content for training programs.


Success Descriptors:

  • LGANT has a strong relationship with the GNWT, MACA.
  • LGANT has partnerships with professional organizations whose mandate is complementary to that of local government administrations.
  • LGANT has a strong working relationship with the NWTAC.
  • LGANT builds partnerships with federal and Aboriginal governments and non-government organizations.
  • LGANT has strengthened relationships with Designated Authorities to better understand their administration and operations.

LGANT's Guiding Principles in Strategic Planning 

The LGANT Strategic Plan is the unifying tool that optimizes the use of available resources and talent, thereby providing additional opportunities for all local government administrators to achieve greater success.  The development and implementation of the LGANT Strategic Plan is guided by the following principles:

  1. The LGANT Strategic Plan is the roadmap for allocating fiscal and human resources to focus on activities which will achieve LGANT’s vision and mission.
  2. LGANT seeks broad involvement from stakeholders in the development and during the implementation of its Strategic Plan.
  3. LGANT establishes goals that are realistic in relation to its resources and capacity and based on needs, mandates and challenges faced by local government administrators in the NWT.  These goals will provide the basis for assessing LGANT’s effectiveness.
  4. LGANT will communicate with all stakeholders offering transparency and accountability and report progress on the achievement of its strategic priorities.

LGANT Strategic Plan 2012-2017 - PDF
LGANT Business Plan 2013-2017 - PDF