NWT Occupational Certification

About Occupational Certification

Occupational certification is an alternate route to certification for community government staff that recognizes the skills and knowledge gained through work experience. Occupation certification is based on standards that describe the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to perform competently in a given work area. The standards can help community governments and staff plan their skill development which in turn can improve the quality of services to community residents.


Certification is offered for the following occupations:

  • Senior Administrative Officer
  • First Nation Administrator/Band Manager
  • Housing Manager
  • Community Works Foreman
  • Assistant Housing Manager
  • Tenant Relations Officer
  • Recreation Coordinator
  • Recreation Facility Operator
  • Finance Officer

Individuals who successfully complete the certification requirements receive a "Certificate of Competence" awarded under the NWT Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupation Certification Act.

For more information on certification requirements and the certification process, visit the MACA website.

For more information on the NWT Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupational Certification Act and its' regulations, visit the ECE website.