MACA School of Community Government

Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA), School of Community Government (SCG), provides an integrated approach to community government capacity building. The School coordinates a system of training and development, tools and resources for community governments, their staff and stakeholder organizations.

Training is available in:

  • Community Management;
  • Community Finances;
  • Recreation Leadership;
  • Recreation Facility Operations;
  • Youth Resiliency;
  • Water and Waste Management;
  • Community Infrasctructure Maintenance;
  • Community Airports;
  • Public Safety;
  • First Responder;
  • Community Firefighter;
  • Municipal Governance, and
  • First Nation Governance.

Visit the School of Community Government website for information on programs and courses, registration, and tools and resources.  


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About the School

Through a partnership approach, the School of Community Government assesses community needs; develops occupational standards; establishes training plans; coordinates the delivery of training; provides respected certification; and achieves community capacity building results.

The goals of the School of Community Government include enhancing the capacity of community governments through governance training; enhancing the competencies of community government staff by providing training and development opportunities that meet occupational standards; training Northerners for community government positions; and assisting local staff with the training required to advance to more senior level community government positions.