Attendance Bursary for CAMA Annual Conference

LGANT's CAMA Bursary

LGANT supports and encourages ongoing professional development of members of the Association by offering financial assistance of up to $4,000 to attend the CAMA Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting.

2017 Bursary Recipient: Fort Liard SAO Mike Rudkin

LGANT congratulates Fort Liard SAO Mike Rudkin on being selected as the recipient of LGANT’S 2017 bursary to attend the 46th annual CAMA Conference.

The 46th Annual CAMA Conference was held in Gatineau, Québec at the Hilton Lac Leamy Hotel from Monday, May 29th to Wednesday, May 31st, 2017. 

About the Bursary

CAMA is a national, non-profit association open to all municipal managers, including: city clerks; any person who is employed in a management capacity in the administration of a Canadian municipality; and, any person who is employed in an executive capacity in a national, regional, provincial, or territorial municipal organization dealing with municipal management and administration.   For more information on CAMA, visit

LGANT may award, each year, funding assistance of up to $4,000.00 (four thousand dollars) to one Regular Member in good standing to attend the CAMA Annual Conference. 


  1. The funding is available to a Regular Member of the Association in good standing as per Section 2.2 of LGANT’s bylaws.
  2. A Regular Member may only receive funding assistance once within a 3 (three) year period.

Criteria for Selection

  1. Financial need is not necessarily a factor in selection, but preference may be given if the award enables a member to participate in the CAMA Annual Conference who otherwise may not be able to participate.

Candidates must:

  1. Demonstrate a commitment to their Local Government and to the mandate of LGANT as their professional organization.
  2. Indicate what they hope to gain from attending the Conference.
  3. Be willing to report back to the LGANT membership and board on their attendance and participation after the event. This step includes a written attendance report and a short presentation at the LGANT Annual Professional Development Conference.
  4. Use the attached application form.

Application and Selection

  1. Applications must be submitted to the Executive Director by the specified deadline.
  2. The Executive Director will forward applications to the Board of Directors for review and selection of the 1 (one) candidate whose application best meets the criteria.
  3. The decision of the Board on the one (1) bursary is final and is not open for appeal.
  4. The President shall announce the name of the recipient at LGANT’s Annual Professional Development Conference and Annual General Meeting.
  5. Where no applications for the bursary are received or where none of the applications received meets the criteria, the bursary may be awarded later in the year or held over to the following year.
  6. The LGANT Board of Directors may alter or terminate this program at its sole discretion.

Payment, Use and Accountability 

  1. Upon approval of the bursary by the LGANT Board, one half of the approved amount may be paid as an advance to the successful candidate who needs to make such request in writing and must include a budget estimate for the expected expenses.
  2. The second half of the amount shall be paid when the recipient submits their accounting including official receipts for the use of the funding to the Executive Director, and when current membership status is confirmed.
  3. All travel arrangements are the responsibility of the successful recipient. 
  4. The funds may only be used to cover costs of a CAMA membership, conference registration, travel, and accommodation for the recipient.  The recipient must return to the Executive Director a written statement of accounting for the use of the bursary and must return any unused funds. 
  5. Failure to provide such a statement (including official receipts) or to return unused or inappropriately used funds from the bursary will result in the recipient becoming a member who is not in good standing.
  6. The bursary shall only be used for the individual candidate attending the conference for which the application was made.