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Ruby Jumbo named 2017 Outstanding SAO of Year

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LGANT President Grant Hood, Inuvik’s Town Manager, presents LGANT’s 2017 Outstanding SAO of the Year Award to Ruby Jumbo, Band Manager of the Sambaa K’e First Nation, during LGANT’s 2017 annual general meeting on October 5 in Yellowknife.

Ruby Jumbo is LGANT’s 2017 Outstanding Senior Administrative Officer of the Year.

Ruby, the SAO for the Sambaa K'e First Nation, was selected by the Association’s Board of Directors from nominations received from her peers.

Ruby’s selection as Outstanding SAO of the Year was announced during the Association’s 2017 annual general meeting by Grant Hood, Senior Administrative Officer of the Town of Inuvik and LGANT President. 

Ruby is a life-long resident of Sambaa K’e and has worked for the Sambaa K’e First Nation for a total of 23 years in different capacities.  Grant noted she was always motivated to support her community and its members in improving the community as a whole and in advancing themselves through education and employment. 

Ruby is an advocate for incorporating traditional ways into the work place.  One of her priority issues has been community wellness and she has helped implement a job-sharing Program in the Sambaa K’e First Nation.  Ruby is a past member of LGANT’s Board of Directors.