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Leading From Within – LGANT Pre-Conference Session

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Dear LGANT Members,

We’re please to announce a pre-conference personal development opportunity for LGANT members on Monday, October 2, 2017.  Drew Bird of the Alberta School of Business (University of Alberta) will present Leading From Within – Bringing Who You Are To How You Lead!

Leadership is about self-awareness, becoming your best self, and unlocking potential in others. We cannot lead, inspire, coach, develop, or encourage others if we have not mastered those very traits within ourselves. Effective organizations rely on great leadership at every level. It’s not about the title – it’s about bring who you are to your leadership. If you are ready to take ownership of who you are as a leader, come join us on this interactive 1-day workshop that will unlock insights into your own leadership style, as well as provide you with tools you can start implementing right away to inspire, engage and motivate yourself and others.

Topics of discussion:
•     Leadership starts with ownership – bringing who you are to how you lead.
•     The power of the voice inside your head, and what to do about it.
•     The common mistakes leaders make and how to avoid them.
•     How understanding and developing your Emotional Intelligence can make you a better leader.
•     The power of reflective practice and how you can make it a cornerstone of your development.
•     Building and sustaining a leadership development action plan that makes it part of your daily practice.

Click here to learn more about the workshop and presenter Drew Bird.

This day-long session will be free of charge to LGANT members and lunch will be provided, however, you will be responsible for any extra accommodations required over and above the three (3) nights covered by LGANT for our professional development conference.

We need to confirm registration numbers before finalizing this event, so we encourage anyone interested to register ASAP by contacting us at 867-765-5630 or

You can find out more information about accommodation and travel arrangements for the LGANT 2017 Professional Development Conference & AGM on our website: