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GNWT - Arctic Policy Framework Discussion Guide

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The federal government is developing an Arctic Policy Framework to provide overarching direction to its priorities, activities and investments in the Arctic, from now until 2030. The federal document proposes to focus on the following:

  •  Comprehensive Infrastructure
  •  Strong Arctic People and Communities
  •  Sustainable Arctic Economy
  •  Arctic Science and Indigenous Knowledge
  •  Protecting the Environment and Conserving Arctic Biodiversity
  •  Arctic in the Global Context
  •  Economy and Trade
  •  Defence, Safety and Security
  •  Environmental and Scientific Cooperation
  •  Social and Cultural Cooperation

There will be an NWT chapter in the federal Arctic Policy Framework.  To start the conversation, the GNWT has developed some questions around shared priorities that will hopefully help us identify a common vision for the future of the Northwest Territories and guide federal investment and decision making through to 2030.  This information is summarized in a Discussion Guide and is intended to seek guidance and advice to ensure this chapter is reflective of the priorities of the people of the NWT.

Read the Discussion Guide here.