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CAMA Celebrates 600th Member!

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The Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) is pleased to be celebrating a membership milestone, as Scott Spicer, the Chief Administrative Officer for the Rural Municipality of Alexander, Manitoba becomes the 600th member!  CAMA has tripled its membership over the past decade.

When asked why he joined CAMA, Scott Spicer stated ``I was encouraged by two Manitoba colleagues and CAMA members Rhonda Stewart and Jean-Marc Nadeau. Their insight into the benefits of membership, along with my attendance at the CAMA Conference in 2017, convinced me that my career will benefit through professional development and networking.   I look forward to more opportunities in the future.”

CAMA has grown and matured since its inception in 1972 when a handful of senior municipal managers attending the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference decided to form a networking group.  CAMA was incorporated in 1986.

CAMA is very proud of its many accomplishments and using the four pillars of the Strategic Plan (Professional Development, Networking and Partnerships, Member Engagement and Support, and Resilient Leadership) we continue to develop many new member services.  Of particular note is the Position Paper outlining a series of administrative recommendations as input on Federal Funding Programs for Municipal Infrastructure in 2016, a CAO Performance Evaluation Toolkit, and a partnership with the Provincial and Territorial Associations to recruit the next generation of municipal leaders to the profession

A highlight and premiere professional development opportunity for our members is the Annual Conference taking place this year in Fredericton, NB (May 28-30, 2018) at the home of the CAMA National Office.   CAMA also promotes municipal best practices throughout the country through our  Awards of Excellence Program and we recognize those members who have dedicated their careers to local government through our Long Service Recognition Awards Program. 

What can you do to feel pride about being a part of CAMA that is now 600 members strong?

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CAMA would like to thank you, our members, for your loyalty and support!   Please continue to encourage one of your own leaders in your organization, or encourage a colleague in a neighbouring community to join the Association.

Janice Baker
CAMA President